Meet The Fleet

Our elite team. These birds have been with us since June, and while we have a couple dozen new recruits in training, they'll never replace these guys.

Steve was our company's first training Bird. When he delivered his first message, it was a proud day for everyone at Pigeon.

Interesting FactOnce flew over the set of "Fantastic Four" as it was being filmed in Baton Rouge, LA.


Our first female pilot. Though she currently just wants to focus on her career, she hasn't ruled out the possibility of motherhood.

Interesting FactVice-president of the Pensacola chapter of the Anti-defamation league.

Captain Jammin'

The Cap'n is our most fun loving bird. He loves to share his seeds with the other members of the loft so that him and his friends have a great time.

Interesting FactOnce involved in a relationship with one of the stars for "Dancing with the Stars."

Michael Beakon

Pigeon's first bird to fly over 100 miles. He is the pigeon we deserve, not the pigeon we want.

Interesting FactOnce handed off a package to Steve in mid-air. It was a training exercise, but still impressive.

Sir Isaac Pigeon

The wisest and oldest of the entire crew. Sir Isaac doesn't say much, but he doesn't have to. Everyone knows exactly what he means.

Interesting FactWorking on biography of Lady Bird Johnson.


The youngest of all the fleet. Not as many miles as others, but his heart is the biggest. Seriously, it's too big. We have to give him tiny bird pills.

Interesting FactStill waiting for "Firefly" Season 2.